Showing Baby Bump In Magazine, Honey Lee Wants Celebrities Not To Be Shy To Show Her Pregnancy

In A Photo Shoot Previously Released By Vogue Korea, Honey Lee Wore A Short Top And Showed Her Belly Which Was Starting To Grow Bigger Because She Was Pregnant With Her First Child.

Recently, Vogue Korea magazine uploaded a video entitled “The reason why Honey Lee did a photoshoot during the last weeks of pregnancy? Revealing the shooting location that day!” on their official Youtube channel on June 8th. The video briefly shows behind the scenes of Honey Lee’s photoshoot with her belly in the magazine.

In a photo shoot previously released by Vogue Korea, Honey Lee wore a short top and exposed her pregnant belly. Embracing her belly with the English word “joy” written on it, the “One Other Women” star gave off a cool and stylish vibe.

Regarding her reason for deciding to take this meaningful photoshoot with Vogue Korea, Honey Lee said, “I feel really sorry for actresses because they often have to hide their belly during pregnancy. I’m really happy with my pregnancy. It gave me a lot of energy so I wanted to share it with you. others.”

Revealing that she did not receive prenatal care, Honey Lee added, “I think being happy has become a kind of prenatal care. I have been doing yoga and the exercises that I love every day. I feel satisfied and happy because I am filled with what I love.”

When asked about the image of a mother she wants for her baby, Honey Lee said, “A mother who is like a friend. Although there will be times when you have to teach your baby to do and not to do. doing something, I hope I can be a supportive friend to what my son likes and enjoys in life under general guidelines.”

As for the role she wants to play in her next project, Honey Lee said, “I was really looking forward to becoming a mother so I wanted to play the role of a mother. I also wanted to do action scenes that would make my body itch. The happiest moment for me was when I can feel Joy squirm in my stomach. The energy that a little bit of life gives me is amazing. I took this photoshoot to remember it as a page of my life rather than a job.”

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