Showing Off Super Cool Rap, J-Hope BTS Burns Everything In The MV ‘Arson’

The Newly Released ‘Arson’ Music Video Opens With J-Hope In The Middle Of A Burning Building And Vehicles, And Up To Half Of The Video, The Scene Is Shot In A One-Take Manner.

The music video for J-Hope BTS ‘s latest solo song ( Bangtan Boys ) that fans have been waiting for, “Arson”, has finally been released. The 1994-born singer made sure he made a big breakthrough through this solo work.

The powerful MV for “Arson” dramatically captures J-Hope’s honest thoughts and feelings about the path he has traveled, people’s views and opinions about him, and the road ahead as an artist and individual.

The video opens with the figure of J-Hope in the middle of burning buildings and vehicles, and up to half of the video, the scene is shot in a one-take manner. The next scene which was also shot on a one-take basis shows J-Hope with clothes on fire while everything else has been ruined.

While his first single “MORE” showcased his edgy rockstar side, “Arson” seems to feature more of J-Hope’s rap background while still maintaining the same intensity as we’ve seen from “Jack in the Box” so far.

Meanwhile, the album “Jack in the Box” opens with an intro, followed by track 2 with the title “Pandora’s Box”, which may have a connection with J-Hope’s stage name, followed by track 3 “MORE” which was previously released. Track 4 is titled “STOP (There are no bad people in the world)” and during the previous live broadcast, J-Hope recommended the book of the same name by Won Jae Hoon.

The next track is “=(Equal Sign)” and track 6 is titled “Music Box : Reflection” which is reminiscent of the album’s title. “What If”, “Safety Zone”, and “Future” are completely new tracks for ARMY while “방화 (Arson)” was leaked by J-Hope himself on Instagram.

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