Showing Off Their Adorable Friendship, Red Velvet’s Joy Gets A Special Surprise From Ahn Eun Jin

Joy And Actress Ahn Eun Ji Themselves Are Known To Be Good Friends After They Co-Starred In The JTBC Drama ‘The One And Only’ As Sung Mi Do And Pyo In Sook.

Recently, Joy received a surprise from the beautiful actress Ahn Eun Jin who also warmed the hearts of fans with their super cute friendship. On July 16, the Red Velvet member took to Instagram to thank Ahn Eun Jin for sending a thoughtful gift to the set of her upcoming drama “Unexpected Country Diary” (literal translation).

Revealing that Ahn Eun Jin had sent a coffee truck to the set to show her support, Joy posted some adorable photos of herself posing with the truck and cute stickers. Using the names of her character and Ahn Eun Jin in their drama “The One and Only” (Sung Mi Do and Pyo In Sook), Joy lovingly wrote, “I miss you, love Mi Do In Sook-ie. Thanks to you, I gained strength. I love you.”

In addition, Ahn Eun Jin also showed the same affection in her love message on the banner at the top of the truck, which read, “Please take care of Sooyoung (Joy’s real name), who is the prettiest, cutest, and most beautiful person in the world. worldwide, but also sexy. From Joy’s fan, Ahn Eun Jin, who is currently busy being a one-sided fan.”

Meanwhile, “Unexpected Country Diary” is a new romance drama about a man from Seoul (played by Chu Young Woo) moving to a rural area and meeting a policewoman (played by Joy) who has lived in the countryside all his life. The drama is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2022.

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