Simple But Makes Baper, Kang Tae Oh’s Action In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Is What Netizens Say

Kang Tae Oh’s Sweet Action In The Latest Episode Of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Is Viral Among Netizens. Take A Peek At The Following Snippets And Complete Netizen Responses.

The latest episode of ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” which aired on Wednesday (27/7) presented various interesting scenes. One of them is when Lee Jun Ho ( Kang Tae Oh ) picks up Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin )’s fallen eyelashes .

In the scene, Woo Young Woo hastily came to the Court to handle an urgent case. He even studied the case material as he walked.

During this moment, Lee Jun Ho found an eyelash falling on Woo Young Woo’s cheek. He said, “Lawyer lady. There are eyelashes…” Lee Jun Ho then offered to get the eyelashes.

Because it wasn’t as easy as he thought, Lee Jun Ho finally approached Woo Young Woo with a shy expression. On the other hand, Woo Young Woo looks so excited that he remembers their romantic scene when they were alone in the office at night.

After a while, Lee Jun Ho managed to take the eyelashes. “His eyelashes are hard to get. I’ve already thrown them away,” he said with an awkward expression.

Lee Jun Ho’s action successfully made Woo Young Woo awkward. He hurried away saying, “Yes. Then, I will see the accused.”

This scene has finally become a topic of discussion for netizens. Although short, this scene looks very romantic and their interaction manages to make viewers baper.

“This eyelash scene looks very sweet. I smiled to myself when I saw it,” said a netizen. “Now I will remember this scene every time I see eyelashes. He is so romantic!” added another netizen. “This scene is driving me crazy!” said another.

“I think he did that on purpose so he could look at him. Haha Jun Ho is very skilled,” said another netizen. “Just picking up the falling eyelashes makes me melt. Haha this is very intense and thrilling,” said another. “He must have taken a long time to pick it up so he can linger around him,” concluded other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, the latest episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” again recorded a high rating of 15.8 percent. This is the highest rating he has achieved since it aired on June 29.

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