SM Entertainment Officially Launches KWANGYA Club, Replaces Lysn With Various Interesting Features

A Fan Community That Caters To SM Entertainment Artists And Their Fans, ‘KWANGYA Club Is Officially Launched By SM Brand Marketing Confirmed On September 2.

Recently SM Entertainment officially launched its own fan community, “KWANGYA Club”. A fan community that caters to SM Entertainment artists and their fans, “KWANGYA Club” was officially launched by SM Brand Marketing confirmed on September 2.

Fans who previously used the beta version of the app can start using the official version by simply updating the app. “KWANGYA Club” will now replace SM Entertainment’s previous fan community app, “Lysn” with services including information on artist schedules.

There’s also a “Lounge” feature where artists and fans can chat together, and exclusive artist content. The live broadcast feature will also be introduced later. “KWANGYA Club” is also intended to communicate with artists under SM Entertainment such as TVXQ , Super Junior , Girls’ Generation , SHINee , EXO , Red Velvet , NCT and AESPA .

In the future, the artist’s real-time live function will also be introduced. The full version of “KWANGYA Club” can be downloaded through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and beta version users can use it by updating existing applications. On the other hand, SM is a cultural experience space where fans can experience various IP content of SM artists, which will be planned in the future, along with platforms such as the new community service “KWANGYA Club” and the digital membership service META-PASSPORT, KWANGYA @ SEOUL , KWANGYA @ LA , the company plans to introduce various services and future entertainment businesses based on the KWANGYA brand metaverse .

” So kwangya club has a live feature, isn’t it Lysn? but please make it like a vlive where you can save the live and we can watch it anytime huhu,” commented netter. ” Please make it accessible to non-subscribers too 🙁 I feel like every time I open a kwangya club I can’t see anything. What about fans like me who can’t spend on subscribing please,” said another. ” Is there a live function too????????? Pls can it be saved or there is a subtitle, huh,” concluded another.

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