SM Has High Standards, Songs Created By SNSD Members Are Not Easy To Enter On The Album ‘FOREVER 1’

Sooyoung And Tiffany Co-Wrote The B-Side Song On The Album ‘FOREVER 1′. The Members Revealed That It Took A Long Process For Their Song To Be Approved Because SM Entertainment Has High Standards.

Girls’ Generation is making a comeback after 5 years with the album “FOREVER 1” in which they participated in the production process. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the members shared about the process of preparing for their 7th full album.

Sooyoung and Tiffany co-wrote the b-side song on the album “FOREVER 1”. “I participated in writing the lyrics for two of our songs. Initially there were about five that I worked on, but not all of them made it through,” Sooyoung said with a laugh.

“Among the songs I’ve worked on, ‘Seventeen’ is the one that Tiffany and I wrote together,” he continued. “This is my first time writing with him, and we work while hanging out, chatting and taking notes, and the lyrics come out pretty quickly. We have great chemistry. I think it’s because we spend a lot of time together, so we understand what people think.” another with one glance.”

Since Tiffany co-created “Villain,” she also guided the members during the recording. Sunny shared her experience when Tiffany guided them outside the recording booth.

“While recording for Tiffany’s song ‘Villain,’ she was in charge of directing and that’s definitely something I’ve never experienced before. It’s quite new and exciting to have members working from outside the recording booth,” he said.

The song went through a lot of editing, and all the members gave feedback, along with SM. We thought about how we wanted to perform on stage and really tried to perfect the song. The other members also participated in making the album, but SM’s standards were very high [laughs ]. It’s really hard. Tiffany and Sooyoung’s work finally got through.” Tae Yeon said .

The oldest member of Girls’ Generation added, “I remember the first time we all got together to practice choreography this time. There was a member dancing for the first time in years. Hyoyeon and I recently did a music program, so for us it was like, “We’re here again…’ But it’s fun to see some of the members adjust again.”

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