SM Shares NCT Projects In Various Countries, Including Jakarta!

SM Entertainment Has Again Announced That It Is Related To Auditions For NCT Members From Various Countries In The Midst Of The Excitement Of The Spotlight Of The 3 New Trainees Who Were Introduced As SMROOKIES.

Last June, SM Entertainment caused a stir by announcing the audition to become a member of NCT . This of course was completely unexpected considering that previously the new NCT members were directly taken from SM Entertainment trainees .

NCT itself from the beginning was announced to have the concept of unlimited members. So, there is a possibility that it will continue to increase in the future.

Currently, NCT has a total of 23 members. Even so, NCT has 4 different sub units namely NCT ​​127 , NCT Dream , WayV , and NCT U.

July 4, SM Entertainment again made a scene by announcing NCT projects for various countries. This is still related to the opening of the previous NCT member auditions.

In the video shared by SM Entertainment, it shows a picture of the world followed by numbers and names of world famous cities. The numbers in the video are thought to be related to the city’s longitude coordinates. The reason is, the name 127 in the NCT 127 sub unit is taken from the longitude coordinates of the city of Seoul.

SM Entertainment allegedly announced indirectly that there would be many new NCT sub-units in the future promoting in different countries. The cities and numbers included in the video itself are 14.

Interestingly, Jakarta was also included in the announcement of the NCT project audition. The coordinates of Jakarta are known to be 106, so there is an assumption that the name of the NCT sub unit that will be promoting in Indonesia is NCT 106.

Besides Jakarta, the cities included in the announcement are Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seoul, Beijing, New York, Toronto, Chongqing, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, and Guangzhou.

Meanwhile, recently SM Entertainment was also horrendous by introducing 3 new trainees as SMROOKIES. They are Eunseok , Seunghan , and Shohei . The three of them also raised suspicions that they were new members of the upcoming NCT.

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