SNSD’s Hyoyeon Reveals How To Find Out Which Idols Are Dating, Netizens: Wow, Secrets!

When Soyu Finished Her Conversation, Hyoyeon Smirked And Said That She Knows How To Find A Male Idol Who Comes To The Female Idol Hotel Floor.

On the July 5th episode of SBS television show ” Four Men “, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon , Super Junior ‘s Kim Heechul , and Soyu appeared as guests. On this occasion, Hyoyeon shared a way to find out if a K-pop idol is in a romantic relationship.

Soyu said, “Many people assume that we can meet and date when we are invited to perform at overseas concerts. They may think so because we stay at the same hotel.”

The former member of girl group SISTAR continued, “But male and female idols live on different floors, and there are guards on our floor. So, it’s really hard to even try to meet each other.”

When Soyu finished her conversation, Hyoyeon smirked and said, “Yeah, it was difficult, but some of them managed to find a way to meet, and I know how to find out who did it.”

Hyoyeon continued, “The way to find it is by activating AirDrop. You know how AirDrop is used to wirelessly transfer files between iPhones, so your iPhone can detect the nearest iPhone, right? If they’re close enough, then you can see their iPhone’s name.”

The Girls’ Generation main dancer continued, “If you happen to see an iPhone near you that belongs to a male idol, then you know he has come to the female idol floor.”

Later, Hyoyeon shared that this was actually something her manager told her. “My manager also told me that several male idols have been caught this way before. So, I wanted to test it myself when I was invited to a concert abroad later.”

After watching this part of the show, K-pop fans left comments online like, “Wow, that’s one interesting way to find out who’s dating!”, “All K-pop stars will turn off their AirDrop as soon as they enter their hotel now LOL” , “He just revealed a big secret on broadcast!” and much more.

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