Song Hye Kyo Reportedly Profits In Billions After Selling A House

Song Hye Kyo Is Currently Busy Starring In The Drama ‘The Glory’ As The Main Character Named Dong Eun. He Will Reportedly Compete Acting With An Actor Who Is Younger, Namely Lee Do Hyun.

Song Hye Kyo was recently reported to have sold her house in the Samseong-dong area. According to information released by Biz Korea media, Song Joong Ki ‘s ex-wife made billions of rupiah in profit when she sold her house last April.

Biz Korea reported that Song Hye Kyo bought a detached house in the Hyundai residential complex in Samseong-dong for 5 billion won in 2005. After holding the property for about 17 years, the actress is now selling it to the CEO of HK Properties.

Not kidding, the CEO named Hwang Jun Seok bought Song Hye Kyo’s house for 7.9 billion won (approximately Rp. 90.6 billion). That means, the profit earned by the drama star ” Descendants of the Sun ” reached 2.9 billion won (approximately Rp. 33.2 billion).

Actually, Song Hye Kyo’s house has been registered with a selling price of 8.2 billion. However, because the deal didn’t work out, the selling price was reduced by around 300 million won. Even so, the 1981-born actress still made a big profit.

The house that Song Hye Kyo has sold has actually been occupied by her mother for a long time. However, the mother of the drama star ” Now, We Are Breaking Up ” was reported to have immediately moved as soon as the sale was completed.

On the other hand, Song Hye Kyo is currently busy starring in the drama ” The Glory ” as the main character named Dong Eun. Once again, the beautiful actress is reportedly going to compete acting with an actor who is younger than her, this time is Lee Do Hyun.

“The Glory” tells a sad revenge story that begins when a high school student suffers from brutal violence. He finally had to drop out of school and give up his dream of becoming an architect.

Victims of this bully then devise a revenge plan that is so mature for the perpetrators of violence for several years. He becomes the homeroom teacher of the perpetrator’s child and begins his revenge plan.

Meanwhile, the script for “The Glory” was worked on by Kim Eun Sook, who is already popular with hits such as “Descendants of the Sun”, ” Goblin “, ” The Heirs ” and many more. This drama will reportedly air on Netflix around 2022.

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