Song Ji Hyo Cheerfully Shows Off Long Hair While On Vacation Confuses Fans

Song Ji Hyo Started Having Short Hair At The End Of 2021. A Source Said That The Sudden Haircut Was Song Ji Hyo’s Own Decision.

Song Ji Hyo recently made a surprising post with her new long hair. It is known together, that the 1981-born actress still often appears in public with her short hair in the style of a man’s cut.

In his post on Wednesday (6/7), Song Ji Hyo was seen sitting looking at the vast expanse of the sea on Jeju island. The star of the drama “The Witch’s Diner” wrote the caption, “One day on Jeju Island 33”.

Then in another post, Song Ji Hyo seemed to smile cheerfully with her two colleagues. Still looking charming with long hair, this time the star of the drama “Was It Love” made the caption, “One day on Jeju Island 44”.

Song Ji Hyo’s post was immediately flooded with comments from fans who gave her praise. Many are also confused about the meaning of the “Lovely Horribly” drama star in the caption of his two latest posts.

” Unnieeee!!! Give us more clues, we’re really going crazy now hahahaha ,” wrote one fan. ” What do the numbers mean, unnie?, ” continued another. ” Why is his hair so long?, ” added another. ” Unnie you are very beautiful ,” concluded the other fans.

On the other hand, Song Ji Hyo started to have short hair at the end of 2021. In one of the episodes of “Running Man”, the actress said, “It’s been a bit difficult today. It’s true, so I cut my hair. I want to change everything.”

It was suspected that the haircut was due to the stylist’s direction, a source said that the person responsible for the sudden haircut was Song Ji Hyo herself, not someone else.

A source said, “He decided on a short haircut after wanting a personal change.” The source also revealed that knowing Song Ji Hyo’s personality, she wouldn’t have shared an Instagram photo of her new haircut if she didn’t like the end result.

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