Soobin And TXT’s Beomgyu Funny Reaction When Knowing The Age Of The NewJeans Maknae

After Watching The Music Video And Reading The Comments, Beomgyu Explained That He Knew That The Youngest Member, Hyein, Was Born In 2008, But Then Soobin Wondered How Old He Was.

One of the most talked about K-Pop groups right now is NewJeans . Recently, the two idols who had the most iconic reactions to the NewJeans member’s age were none other than fellow HYBE idols Soobin and TXT ‘s Beomgyu .

Debuting under the sublabel HYBE ADOR, NewJeans has become the talk of netizens for both positive and negative reasons. While the group has been shining with their talent and charisma, many have voiced concerns about the members’ ages.

The oldest member was born in 2004, while maknae Hyein was born in 2008, which makes her just 14 years old. However, netizens were unable to deny the members’ talent, explaining that any criticism should be leveled at the agency rather than the group itself.

Although many netizens have voiced concerns about the members’ ages for various reasons, none seem as surprised as their fellow idols themselves. TXT’s Soobin and Beomgyu are the “middle children” in the group, with Soobin born in 2000 and Beomgyu in 2001.

The duo has always had a cute friendship and recently proved it in a live broadcast. During the broadcast, Soobin and Beomgyu showed support for their label mates by watching NewJeans’ latest music video and praising the members.

After watching the music video and reading the comments, Beomgyu explained that he knew that the youngest member, Hyein, was born in 2008, but then Soobin wondered how old he was. Soobin then made calculations and realized that Hyein was only 14 years old (international age).

As soon as he realized it, Soobin’s face looked cute because it reminded him of the iconic Pikachu surprised meme. Even Beomgyu looked surprised and had to clarify what Soobin meant, adding, “Now (14 years)?”

Soobin couldn’t hide his emotions when he realized that NewJeans’ maknae was 14 years old, which means 5 years younger than their own youngest members, Taehyun and Huening Kai . Unsurprisingly, considering they are so young but also so talented, it’s not surprising that the two members didn’t expect NewJeans to be so young.

Of course, as a true leader, Soobin explained that the reason he was so surprised was because of the group’s work ethic. The idol couldn’t stop praising NewJeans, adding, “Being able to do this at such a young age is amazing.” Soobin even joked that when they shot their music video for “Crown,” he thought his head was going to explode, and he’s a lot older than the NewJeans members.

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