Specialist In Becoming A Career Woman, Peek At 10 Portraits Of Park Min Young’s Private Office: There Is A Luxury Rooftop!

Park Min Young Is Called A Career Woman Specialist Because She Plays Too Often As An Employee. Therefore, This Famous Artist Showed The Appearance Of His Private Office.

Park Min Young is known to have had a career in the entertainment world for 15 years. With high flying hours, this senior celebrity certainly has a strong image in the hearts of viewers. Park Min Young was also dubbed as a career woman specialist actress because she often plays employee characters.

The reason Park Min Young often becomes an office worker is according to her age . He revealed that he accepted many student roles when he was young, then took a historical drama job when he was in his 20s.

Apart from this, Park Min Young has apparently shown an appearance from his private office . The office is often used by the artist to practice acting, discuss with the management team, and gather with friends. Park Min Young even equipped his office with a luxurious rooftop . Curious? Take a peek below!

  1. Cozy Living Room
    The star of the drama ” What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? ” has a cozy living room , although not too wide. Park Min Young put a medium-sized blue sofa right up to the stairs. He also added a plant pot to decorate the room.
  2. Multipurpose Dining Table
    The main room in Park Min Young’s private office is quite spacious. He divided it into two sides. Right in front of the door, Park Min Young put a multipurpose dining table equipped with 8 chairs in gray, green, and orange colors . The 36-year-old artist said that this table was versatile because he could use it for a place to eat or chat.
  3. Super Homie Lounge
    Right next to the dining table, this 1986-born celebrity chose to arrange it as a super homie relaxing room . The reason is, Park Min Young bought a sophisticated sofa that can turn like a bed. He also installed a wide-screen television to make it more comfortable to rest.
  4. Beverage Special Refrigerator
    Ji Chang Wook ‘s co -star in the drama ” Healer ” turned out to be very fond of alcoholic drinks. This is because Park Min Young has 2 wine coolers in his office. The special drink refrigerator was filled with many types of Park Min Young’s favorite alcoholic drinks.
  5. Minimalist Kitchen
    Park Min Young also has a minimalist kitchen in her office. He decided to carry a modern concept with a dominant white color to make it look clean and tidy. Park Min Young even has a microwave of the same color.
  6. Rooftop Full Of Flowers
    Next, Park Min Young showed him the rooftop in his office. This roof area is quite beautiful because it puts a lot of plants and flowers in pots. Jessica Jung’s best friend even has white hydrangeas. He also put a garden lamp because it carries a British vibe theme for the rooftop area .
  7. Aesthetic Swing
    Not only that, the player in the film ” The Cat ” also put a neutral colored swing. Park Min Young admitted that he often spent time sitting on the swing while enjoying the view from the rooftop .
  8. Plush Sofa
    Meanwhile, Park Min Young put a set of luxurious sofas on the rooftop . He also installed a large umbrella that covered his sofa to keep it durable and not too hot. This area is also Park Min Young’s favorite photo spot .
  9. Park Min Young’s Mainstay Grill Spot
    This is the area that attracts Park Min Young ‘s rooftop , namely the grill spot . This cooking utensil is not only used by the artist to grill meat, but also makes his signature American breakfast .
  10. Outdoor Dining
    The outdoor dining area is right next to the grill spot . The dining table is even equipped with a stove, so it is perfect for gathering with besties while eating a meal.

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