Sports Addiction, Jang Hyuk Admits Doing This Intense Exercise For 15 Years

While Appearing On One Of MBC’s Entertainment Programs, Jang Hyuk Talked About His Love For Sports. Check Out The Full Story In The News Below.

Jang Hyuk appeared as a guest star on ” Omniscient Interfering View ” which aired on Saturday (2/7). On this occasion, he expressed his love for sports.

Jang Hyuk said that he has been in boxing for a dozen years with constant training every day. This sport is not only good for health, but also supports his acting skills.

He said, “I’ve been in boxing for almost 15 years. Every morning, I work out for about two hours.”

“Jeet Kune Do (a type of martial art) and tunju also helped my performance in acting because they both taught me how to approach things in a different way.”

When talking about his daily exercise routine, Jang Hyuk also mentioned the name of his best friend, Kim Jong Kook . Jang Hyuk revealed that Kim Jong Ok is also addicted to sports like him.

He explained, “I think Jong Kook and I have serious addictions to sports. We’re both very punctual, but we’ll be late when we haven’t finished with our sets. We won’t be leaving unless we finish our planned rehearsals in advance.”

Jang Hyuk also explained that he feels like he’s getting older when he can’t remember how many sets he’s done. “When I’m not sure if I’m done with my set, I’ll just do another set.”

Meanwhile, recently Jang Hyuk starred in the KBS drama ” Bloody Heart “. In the near future she will also greet viewers through an action film entitled ” The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves To Die “.

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