Still Rookie, Jang Won Young IVE’s Sponsored Items Price Compared To BLACKPINK

IVE’s Jang Won Young Became A Rookie Idol Who Managed To Enter The Ranks Of South Korean Celebrities, Getting Sponsored Prices That Were Too Fantastic Even Though He Had Only Debuted A Few Years.

Items worn by South Korean celebrities have always managed to get the attention of fans. Even so, not all the items worn by celebrities are theirs.

Usually, the items worn by celebrities can be sponsored by a brand. This is of course to indirectly promote the brand’s collections.

Recently, the Mnet program ” TMI News Show ” discussed the list of celebrities wearing high- end items . At this event rapper Hanhae and stylist Seo Soo Kyung came as guests to provide comments.

It was completely unexpected, IVE ‘s Jang Won Young entered the list. Jang Won Young took 10th place on the list.

Jang Won Young is known to have received media attention for his appearance at an award event in 2021. He wore fantastic nominal jewelry as accessories to support his appearance.

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