Super Junior’s Kim Heechul’s First Love Is Beautiful, He’s Not Human

Recently, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Received A Hilarious Reaction From His Interlocutor, YouTuber Poongja, Where When He Mentioned The Figure Of His First Love, It Was Surprising.

Super Junior ‘s Kim Heechul’s love story is always widely discussed. In his confession, Kim Heechul revealed that his first love was not human.

At one point, Kim Heechul and famous YouTuber Poongja (Yoon Bomi) discussed each other’s ideal types in the episode of “Street Alcohol Fighter 2” on June 30. The YouTuber said he likes men who are tall and without double eyelids. He added that he prefers a younger person over an older one as his girlfriend.

However, the Super Junior member is different when he talks about this. Kim Heechul admits that his ideal type is his first love too.

“My true ideal type is my first love. Her name is Shampoo from the cartoon ‘Ranma 1.2’,” said Kim Heechul. He then showed a picture of the Japanese animated character he was talking about.

Poongja sighed in surprise at Kim Heechul’s ideal type who is an animated character. “Your first love came from animation? Gosh!” said Poongja. Seeing the YouTuber’s reaction, the Super Junior member explained by showing the charm of Shampoo that made him fall in love.

“When I was in elementary school, I used to think that I could marry her. Her hairstyle was pigtails. She was cute and sexy. This is my type, do you understand how it feels?” said Kim Heechul passionately expressing his affection for the character.

“I feel like throwing up,” Poongja’s response made everyone burst out laughing as he asked for a drink to get drunk. Since he couldn’t understand his taste, Kim Heechul looked disapproved and said there was nothing wrong with it.

“What’s wrong with animation?” said the idol drawing laughter on the set. It should be noted that one of the points that made Kim Heechul fall in love with the opposite sex was the neck. He explains that he is attracted to a girl when the neckline is visible while tying her hair.

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