Super Junior’s Leeteuk Trending After Running At The Airport, Allegedly Related To Sad News

A Video Circulated Of Super Junior’s Leeteuk Running From Car To Car At Incheon Airport Before Leaving For Manila, Philippines For A Concert. No Doubt Leeteuk Became Much Talked About After That.

Recently, fans sympathized with the death of Super Junior ‘s Eunhyuk ‘s father . Because the sad news was broadcast almost at the same time as the scheduled departure to Manila, Philippines for the “Super Show 9” concert.

After it was confirmed that Eunhyuk would not be able to participate in the “Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 9: Road in Manila”, the situation of other Super Junior members at Incheon airport also caught the attention of fans. In particular, the leader Leeteuk became a trending topic on Twitter after the recording at the airport was spread.

One fan posted a video where Leeteuk got out of the car in a panicked gesture. Then he got into another member’s car. Shortly after, he came back out and switched to another car. The moment Leeteuk is busy moving has no doubt become the subject of fan talk.

There was also a moment when Leeteuk talked to other members without getting into the car, which was caught on camera. It was only at the end, he returned to his own car though almost misplaced.

In addition, local media captured photos of the Super Junior members showing off sad gestures and expressions before they crossed the street. It was suspected that Leeteuk and other members behaved like that after hearing the news of the death of Eunhyuk’s father. Leeteuk himself stood a bit away from the members without a smile on his face.

The sight of Super Junior members at Incheon Airport was then crowded with comments from fans. They were sad because there was an assumption that Leeteuk was busy by himself because he wanted to make sure the members were okay regarding the sad news about Eunhyuk’s father.

“He could have chatted but he didn’t, he personally approached the members to check on them. This is why I always consider Leeteuk the best leader,” said one fan. “It’s really hard to watch this once you know the story behind it,” said other fans.

“Teuk looks really panicked here… we can see it from his face and gestures,” commented a fan. “Now look at this it feels different,” continued another fan. “It turned out to be very sad news that made Leeteuk run from car to car,” said another.

Meanwhile, Label SJ’s agency has released an official statement regarding Eunhyuk’s father’s funeral plans until the continuation of the concert. Super Junior members will appear minus Eunhyuk in the concert “Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 9: Road in Manila”.

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