Suzy And Jung Eun Chae’s Different Outfits In ‘Anna’ Are Given A Similar Touch, Who Likes Style?

Fans Found That The Outfits That Suzy And Jung Eun Chae Wore In The Drama ‘Anna’ Were Actually Different From The Original Version, Whose Style Do You Like?

The drama ” Anna ” starring Suzy is currently getting attention. This drama managed to get the spotlight even when it was only released through the Coupang Play website.

“Anna” is a story that begins with a simple lie. The lie makes Yu Mi (Suzy) live a completely different life as Anna. Her husband is Ji Hun ( Kim Joon Han ). He is an ambitious man, who pursues a goal-oriented life. Yu Mi is friends with Ji Won ( Park Ye Young ). Ji Won is the only person that Yu Mi can trust and rely on. Then, Hyun Joo ( Jung Eun Chae ) enjoys her superior life, without consideration or hatred for others.

Suzy’s series of elegant appearances on “Anna” also succeeded in making fans fall in love. Suzy herself had expressed her surprise because she wore so many outfits even though it was only 6 episodes.

At present, it is not only Suzy’s appearance in “Anna” that is stealing attention. Jung Eun Chae’s elegant and classy style also took the spotlight.

Interestingly, fans found that Suzy and Jung Eun Chae’s appearance was given a similar touch in “Anna”. The outfits of the two beautiful actresses themselves are made differently from the original version of the model.

In one episode, Suzy is known to look charming by wearing a long white coat . Then, given a touch of the same colored ribbon tied around the neck.

Jung Eun Chae’s style is also made very different from the appearance of the original model. In one episode, Jung Eun Chae appeared in a blue jacket.

Jung Eun Chae gave a classy appearance by wearing a pink blouse with a ribbon at the neck area. The ribbon model makes it look classy.

Do you like a touch of ribbon in Suzy or Jung Eun Chae ‘s outfit ?

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