Sweet BTS V Gang In ‘In The SOOP: Friendcation’, 10 Compact Portraits Of Korean Artist Squad

Having A Gang Is Commonplace In The Celebrity World. There Are Many Gangs That Are Popular Among Kpop Fans. Some Are Based On The Date Of Birth And Some Are More Familiar With Playing Dramas Together.

On July 19, ” In the SOOP: Friendcation ” uploaded the warmth of Wooga Squad activities that were far from the frenetic world of celebrities. This gang itself consists of five handsome men namely V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ), Park Seo Joon , Choi Woo Shik , Hyungsik and Peak Boy .

It appears in a row of photos uploaded by Wooga Squad that they are seen spending time together. Starting from taking photos to wearing pajamas with twin patterns, namely plaid. They seem to be joking before going to sleep.

Having a gang is commonplace in the celebrity world. There are many gangs that are popular among Kpop fans. Some are based on the date of birth and some are more familiar with playing dramas together. Let’s take a peek at a series of compact portraits of Korean artist gangs.

1. Wooga Squad

The name Wooga Squad was coined by Park Seo Joon, and he got this idea from the word they often say, “Ooga Ooga”. Park Seo Joon, V, and Hyungsik competed in acting in the same drama so they got to know each other. Then Park Seo Joon introduced his two best friends Peakboy and Choi Woo Shik. After that, the Wooga Squad was formed.

2. 92 Liners

92 Liners is a cross-gender Korean idol gang. The members consist of male and female K-Pop idols born in 1992. Jin BTS, Ken VIXX , Moonbyul MAMAMOO , Hani EXID and Sandeul and Baro B1A4 are members of 92 Liners.

3. Brother Squad

Brother Squad is a group that contains cogans from various ages. This group consists of Jo In Sung , Bae Sung Woo , Cha Tae Hyun , Kim Woo Bin , Lee Kwang Soo , Song Joong Ki , Lim Ju Hwan , DO EXO and Kim Ki Bang . They have a sweet friendship by supporting each other and making time for quality time.

4. Oh Jung Park’s Group

Interesting friendship stories come from three different girl group members, namely Red Velvet’s Joy , G-Friend’s Yerin and Apink ‘s Hayoung . Interestingly they were both born in 1996 and named their gang “Oh Jung Park Group” which is a combination of their family names.

5. Kyuline

Fans of course already know that TVXQ ‘s Max Changmin is close friends with Super Junior ‘s Kyuhyun . Together with SHINee ‘s Minho , they formed a gang called Kyuline and often spent time together. EXO’s Suho had become a member but finally decided to leave . The Kyuline gang is quite exclusive because its members only consist of three people and are under the same agency but different groups.

6. Padding Squad

Padding Squad is one of the most famous groups among Kpopers. Because this group is filled by male idols who come from popular groups. The Padding Squad consists of Taemin SHINee, Jimin BTS , Kai EXO, Ha Sungwoon ex Wanna One , Timoteo HOTSHOT and Jung Kwonho who is not a celebrity.

7. ‘Pillar Gang’

The public referred to the squad consisting of Choi Tae Joon , EXO ‘s Chanyeol , Block B ‘s Zico , and Shin Kang Woo as the Electric Pole Gang. Because they all have towering heights. At this moment, Chanyeol, Choi Tae Joon and Shin Kang Woo attended Zico’s first solo concert entitled, “King of the Zungle in Seoul” on August 11-12 2018 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

8. Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters or Cinderella Group consists of seven people, all of whom are women. This group consists of Kim Hye Soo , Son Ye Jin , Gong Hyo Jin , Oh Yoon Ah , Uhm Ji Won , Lee Min Jung , and Song Yoon Ah . All members have successful careers in their respective fields.

9. Battery Club

The Battery Club is a girl-only friendship gang like the Seven Sisters. This group consists of Ock Joo Hyun , Lee Jin , Son Ho Young , Sung Yu Ri , Cho Yeo Jeong , Song Hye Kyo , and Park Ye Jin . All seven of them are famous celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry. Battery Club is like a girl band with 7 members.

10. Gang Ssangmundong

The cast of the film ” Reply 1988 ” looks very familiar behind the scenes. They are also called the Ssangmundong gang because in the series they are friends who live next door in Ssangmundong. Even two of its members, Hyeri of Girls’ Day and Ryu Jun Yeol are in love. The Ssangmundong gang consists of Lee Dong Hwi , Go Kyung Pyo , Park Bo Gum , Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol.

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