Taehyun Notice Confessions Of Fans Who Have Boyfriends Are Jealous Of TXT Members

Whenever TXT Fans Invite Their Idols To Chat On Weverse, Taehyun’s Unexpected Answers Always Keep Them Entertained As Well As Get Good Advice.

Everything fans can do to get the attention of their idols. However, what happens if one of the fans of an idol group actually triggers jealousy in the real world?

Recently, one of the TXT fans has become a hot conversation because he leaked his personal life with his lover. An MOA (fandom name) openly shared screenshots of a conversation between himself and his girlfriend who was seen fighting.

Based on the screenshot, the boyfriend of this fan questioned why using a profile photo of another man who was none other than a TXT member. The fan said, “No. This is a celebrity. He’s a person I like.” Then, the boyfriend of the fan replied, “Can’t you just like me?”

The fan who is allegedly a girl explained the reason why she posted a profile photo of one of the TXT members hilariously. “Sorry but TXT is too handsome,” and then the boyfriend replied, “I’m jealous.” When uploading this, the fan gave a short description, “Guys. My boyfriend is jealous of you”.

This message was responded to directly by one of the TXT members, namely Taehyun . It should be noted that Taehyun is known to be a warm person to fans, but he has a very realistic and savage mind. He also often takes the time to provide a lot of advice on the Weverse platform.

“I will leave a comment so that all other MOAs will see it. I can’t let it pass and be the only one who sees it,” Taehyun wrote in his upload.

When the reply notification from Taehyun appeared, fans couldn’t stop laughing watching this ridiculous post. How not, by getting Taehyun’s attention, this post will create his embarrassing past and the idol patents a “history” of jealousy of a fan’s girlfriend with her own idol for everyone to see.

The MOA who posted the screenshot is clearly young, making other fans cringe at their post as well as laugh at how adorable it is. They were also curious about why Taehyun chose that post.

“Because it’s funny, isn’t it?” Taehyung answered. Even though I’ve embarrassed myself, it seems that this is also new entertainment for other fans because of this unforgettable interaction that Taehyun deliberately knows.

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