Taehyun TXT Confides That He Has To Pay For Food At The HYBE Cafe Because He’s Not An Employee, Fans Are Actually Laughing

HYBE Corporation Has Previously Attracted Attention For Providing Its Employees With Five-Star Restaurant Quality Food At Low Cost.

Taehyun seems to know how to make fans laugh after revealing why he and the TXT members have to pay more to use the company cafeteria HYBE HYBE Corporation itself is known to achieve many things, such as becoming the largest entertainment company in Korea and their ventures into other businesses. HYBE is now the largest music label and largest entertainment company in South Korea.

Among these many things, HYBE has previously also received attention for its cafeteria food. The company is attracting attention for providing its employees with five-star restaurant-quality food at a low cost. From high-quality hamburgers to pasta and curries, HYBE employees can get a variety of foods without leaving the company building.

Unfortunately, artists under these labels have to pay more than employees pay. Taehyun revealed through Weverse that they had to pay more because they weren’t “employees”, but they were under a work contract. Taehyun explained, “We pay more when we eat, right? Because we’re not employees.”

Fans were surprised and found it funny that the artist was not considered an employee of the company and had to pay more and provoked mixed reactions. Meanwhile, Taehyun and TXT have just released the 4th mini album “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” and the main single “Good Boy Gone Bad” on May 9, 2022.

” Well, they ordered food lol. Funny how he reminded everyone that being an idol is being a contract employee, lol,” commented the netter. ” Now that I think about it, they are contract workers. Taehyun is very funny. I find it funny how Taehyun shares this with his fans,” said another. ” So it’s true that contract workers need to pay more for company food. I don’t know idols apply to that rule, lol,” concluded another.

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