The Argentine Silvana Gómez Juárez made history in the UFC: spectacular knockout and a claim to the president of the company

The fighter from Tucumán Silvana Gómez Juarez was able to celebrate in the most important mixed martial arts company in the world after her historic victory against the Chinese Liang Na by knockout before the end of the first round.

La Malvada , as she is known in the environment, managed to prevail quickly in the preliminaries of the UFC 275 played at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and obtain her first victory in the American company.

With the completion, the 37-year-old fighter made history by becoming the first Argentine woman to win by knockout and earn the bonus for the best performance of the night.

The athlete from Tucumán was obliged to win if she wanted to continue with the chances of staying in the UFC. With that mentality, she appeared in the octagon and did not disappoint. Barely a minute after the start (1:22) Gómez Juarez made a spectacular move by penetrating the Chinese defense with a left jab and finishing with a right overhand straight to the jaw.

The Asian woman automatically fell to the canvas and La Malvada understood that she had just performed a knockout blow, so her first reflex action was to go back, however, seeing that her rival tried to get up, she turned on her to finish her off. It was at that moment that referee Steve Perceval interceded to separate them.

After fending off a series of takedowns from her opponent, the Argentine emerged victorious, her first within the company after falling in her first two appearances against Vanessa Demopoulos in January and Lupita Godinez in October . of 2021.

After achieving victory in the strawweight division of the female category (115 pounds), and with adrenaline on the surface, the woman from Tucumán took the presenter’s microphone and made a claim to the president of the UFC , Dana White, with a nice gesture that became popular recently in which he asked for the bonus money for the best performance of the night.

Hours later, the manager himself replied through social networks. After sharing the video of the order on her official Instagram account, White replied, “You got it,” referring to the extra $50,000 bonus.

“He who fights is not dead” , sentenced the 37-year-old fighter on her social networks. With this victory, she was able to break the losing streak with which she had started in the company and now set a professional record of 11 wins and 4 losses.

Born in San Miguel and living for a long time in Tijuana (Mexico), she is a kung-fu black belt and was part of the Argentine women’s rugby team. Previously, she had already shown great qualities, especially competing in the XFC International.

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