The Figure Of Lisa BLACKPINK In BTS V Portrait With Eddie Redmayne

Even Though The Event Has Passed, Portraits Of V And Eddie Redmayne Have Just Been Uploaded To Social Media. In The Photo, The Two Top Stars Exude Their Class In Different Ways.

Lisa BLACKPINK ‘s ( Black Pink ) trip to Paris recently is still interesting to discuss. This time, fans highlight the figure of Lisa in the portrait of V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) and Eddie Redmayne .

Back in June 2022, Lisa attended the Celine fashion show in Paris. Not alone, the beautiful idol went with V and Park Bo Gum .

The three Korean stars interacted with many famous celebrities during the event. One of them is Eddie Redmayne, star of the film ” Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ” and its two sequel films.

Even though the event has passed, portraits of V and Eddie Redmayne have just been uploaded to social media. In the photo, the two top stars exude their class in different ways.

While V and Eddie Redmayne were more than enough to make photos a hot topic, Lisa’s figure, which was slightly caught on camera, also stole the attention.

Lisa looked like she was paying attention to V and Eddie Redmayne who were busy taking photos together. Fans joked that the idol might be waiting for their turn to take a photo together.

Meanwhile, Lisa was invited as a global ambassador for the luxury brand. Meanwhile, V and Park Bo Gum were personally invited by creative director Celine Hedi Slimane.

Lisa, V and Park Bo Gum departed together on a private jet, which Celine reportedly provided for their exclusive guests.

In other news, Lisa is getting ready for a comeback with BLACKPINK. The four-member group is scheduled to release new music in August.

Together with the comeback announcement, BLACKPINK will certainly hold a world tour or concert around the world. Their concert is said to be on a very large scale.

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