The ‘MORE’ Music Genre Surprises, J-Hope BTS Praised For Dare To Leave The K-Pop Path

J-Hope BTS Was Praised For Daring To Experiment With His Music And Get Off The K-Pop Path. Many Are Looking Forward To His Live Performance On Stage.

J-Hope BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) officially started his solo debut promotion by launching the music video for the pre-release song, “MORE.” Netizens’ response to this song is quite explosive.

“MORE” will be released on July 1, 2022 at 11:00 WIB via YouTube HYBE Labels. This pre-release single is part of his debut solo album, “Jack In The Box.”

The music video for “MORE” shows a different side of J-Hope that has never been shown before. This pre-release song features the old-school hip-hop genre expressing his honest feelings.

Musically, “MORE” is also very different from J-Hope’s previous releases. If J-Hope’s music usually sounds cheerful, this time it seemed like rock and heavy metal. No wonder many netizens are surprised by this new side of the 1994-born idol.

J-Hope was praised for daring to experiment with his music and getting off the K-Pop path. Many are looking forward to his live performance.

“This song can be hit or miss so I was surprised the first time I listened to it. But after listening to it a few times, I started to like it. But I really can’t imagine something like that from it,” commented a netizen.

“I watched the music video first and this is not a genre that idols usually like. I’m surprised to see BTS experimenting with what they want now,” added another netizen.

“Wow, crazy. I haven’t listened to BTS songs for a long time, but Hoseokie’s dark side is too cool, the song is also good,” praised netizens. “Rock and heavy metal are so cool, I want to hear them live,” said another.

“The song sounds like something that is too far from my taste so I don’t plan to listen to it again. But I can’t imagine J-Hope singing a song like that,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, J-Hope will release all the tracks on his solo debut album on July 15. Anyone impatient?

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