The most beautiful day: the crazy wedding told by Luca and Paolo and a rookie Stefano De Martino

In the hall arrives the first work of the television author Andrea Zalone The most beautiful day, a comedy that the director and the actors Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu tell us as well as Valeria Bilello and the surprising debut by Stefano De Martino.

Summer is the season of weddings, but also of comedies in the cinema. This is the case of Il Giorno più bello , in cinemas on 300 screens throughout Italy from 9 June for 01 Distribution, which tries to resume a relationship that has not always been happy in recent months between the public and Italian cinema. Directed by newcomer Andrea Zalone , author and home runner of Maurizio Crozza in his television comedy, it is the free remake of the excellent C’est la via – take it as it comes by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache .

It definitely pushes more on the comic side, with less melancholy and social nuances than the original, while maintaining the same chorus of performers . There are Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu , who fight the same woman, played by Valeria Bilello . Together with them Violante Placido , Fiammetta Cicogna , Carlo Buccirosso , an unpublished Lodo Guenzi as a singer failed from marriages as well as Stefano De Martino , for the first time on the big screen, and Massimo De Lorenzo .

Aurelio ( Paolo Kessisoglu ) inherited the profession of wedding-planner from his father: he runs the family business, “The most beautiful day”, and all his life he sacrificed his dreams in the name of a mission: to give happiness. Today, however, thanks to the crisis and a divorce behind him, he feels the need for a radical change. He is in love with Serena ( Valeria Bilello ), one of his collaborators, and with her he dreams of starting a new life, giving up everything to sail the oceans on a sailing boat.

“It is not a debut due to my megalomania”, declared Andrea Zalone in a meeting with the press . “Producer Beppe Caschetto asked me to direct and adapt this French comedy together with Fabio Bonifacci . I had a lot of fun, thanks to the good fortune of having nice travel companions, who put me at ease. We never asked ourselves the problem of comparing it with the original, I’m quite happy with the result. Adapting something that already exists has protected me. I dosed the ingredients, but with a very strong script to follow and good actors, who also contributed by proposing changes, it was really easy . I tried to make an elegant comedy, there is room for lightness ”.

Another (surprising) rookie is also Stefano De Martino , in the role of Fiammetta Cicogna ‘s husband . The two celebrate, in fact, the most beautiful day. “Let’s let those who go to the movies tell how it went,” said the TV presenter. “I enjoyed it, Andrea directed us lightly, putting us at ease. My choice? It was like when one is missing from soccer and rather than not playing they choose you. I didn’t score, but I hope I didn’t make my team lose. My character is an expert dancer, but I must say that at first I was sorry, wanting to get away from connections with real life. But then we took it to such an extreme that it became a more ridiculous thing and we definitely strayed, at least I hope, from reality. He is mammone, I definitely not, I left home at 16 and I wonder how many young people can stay at home for so many years “.

The bride “is dominated by her mother-in-law and her husband”, as Fiammetta Cicogna defined her , “at first she doesn’t even want to get married, then she resigns herself and tries to have fun and says that if she has to do it she might as well do it well”. She is very free. Instead, she is Serena, as Valeria Bilello describes her . “She runs along different meadows at the same time, she is guided only by instinct. She never thinks about the consequences of her actions. Compared to the original film, she’s the one holding the two men, she was a lot of fun to play ”.

The two men are Luca Bizzarri , a legitimate husband whom Serena does not decide to leave, despite the fact that she is in love with her boss, Paolo Kessisoglu . “I had a good time as a cuckold”, said Luca, “I hope it happens to me in real life too. He passes everything with intellectual serenity, even too much to be honest. I never had the feeling of being directed by a rookie, Andrea knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. Stefano de Martino is really funny. I don’t think he’s aware of it, but it’s the thing that makes the film the most laugh . I would never have thought that in life but it is so “.

Paolo defines his character as “ a teenager at a very late age. He realizes at 50 that he has never decided anything in his life. He chose his wife because his parents liked him, he continued with the family business because he had to be done. Now that he realizes it, he begins to break everything “

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