The Reason Why Hyun Bin And Song Hye Kyo Broke Up Was Discussed Again, Is This The Cause?

Even Though They Are Now Happy With Their Respective Lives, The Reason Why Hyun Bin And Song Hye Kyo Broke Up Has Been Brought Up Again. What Is The Reason? Check Out The News Below.

The reason why Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo suddenly broke up was discussed. This topic arose after netizens watched Chinese actress Tang Wei ‘s latest film entitled ” Decision to Leave “.

In connection with Tang Wei’s comeback in the big screen, netizens began to highlight the actress’s past acting projects. One of them is the film ” Late Autumn ” which he starred with Hyun Bin.

The film, which was officially released on February 17, 2011, tells the story of an inmate named Anna (Tang Wei) who is released for three days to attend her mother’s funeral. During that moment, she meets Hoon (Hyun Bin) and begins to develop feelings for each other.

The discussion about the film “Late Autumn” again made fans emotional because the characters Hyun Bin and Tang Wei had a sad romance. In addition, they also brought up the kiss scene of the two, which is very iconic and heart-fluttering.

Because they have such strong chemistry, there are many people who suspect that Tang Wei was the reason behind Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo’s break up. However it was a baseless rumor that arose because the audience was too immersed in the story.

Tang Wei even had to clarify to clear up the misunderstanding. At that time he firmly said that his relationship with Hyun Bin was only limited to co-workers.

After 11 years have passed, both Hyun Bin, Tang Wei and Song Hye Kyo are happy with their respective lives. Hyun Bin is known to be expecting his first child with Son Ye Jin .

Tang Wei is already living happily with his small family after marrying Korean director Kim Tae Yong in 2014. Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is living her life in peace even though she has not found a replacement for Song Joong Ki .

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