The Reason Why IN Stray Kids Decided To Stop Exercising For The Sake Of Putting Others First

IN Stray Kids Once Revealed That He Stopped Doing His Exercise Routine For A Reason He Thought It Was More Important To Prioritize Honing Other Skills.

Exercising is good to do in order to maintain a healthy body. However, IN Stray Kids revealed that he actually stopped doing this.

Back in June 2020, around the time Stray Kids released their first full-length album “GO LIVE,” IN did an interview. There, she reveals that she started exercising, as well as the reasons for doing so.

The Stray Kids maknae confessed that he wasn’t confident with his dance moves and that he had lost the strength to make it visible. So to solve the problem, he decided to work out and build the muscles he needed to stand out on stage.

IN’s hard work finally paid off. Not only was there an improvement in his dancing, but fans and even his colleagues appreciated his hard work. However, anyone could notice that he didn’t have any prominent muscles of late.

In “2 Kids Room” Stray Kids ep. 22 was released on June 20, IN mentioned not exercising at the moment and the reason behind it when he talked about attending vocal lessons with Seungmin. In the middle of the episode, Seungmin brought up the fact that next August will mark their first year with their new vocal teacher.

“When I go back and forth from there alone, I feel lonely and a lot of things happened. At that time I had a lot of thoughts. But now that we’ve gone together, going there is really fun,” he said. In response, IN revealed that he still gets nervous whenever he meets their vocal teacher. “

“Because I kept thinking about my previous vocalization method. I was worried that my previous style would come out,” he explained. Seungmin being there with him built his confidence.

“After I started going there, you came to hang out a few times, right? And the teacher asked you to sing. But then you decided and really started attending,” said Seungmin. IN later told his colleagues that although he was still nervous, he was also feeling joy.

He later revealed that working on his vocal skills was the reason why he stopped exercising. “Fans wouldn’t know, or wouldn’t know, but the reason I stopped working out was because of singing,” he said. IN further said that although many people think that he is overdoing it when it comes to improving his singing, he wants to be very good at it, and that is why he attends vocal lessons.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids recently held the “MANIAC” concert tour in Japan. Not only that, this one group also released the Japanese version of the single “MANIAC”.

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