The Sweetness Of Kai And DO EXO Cooking Together, The Vocalist’s Cute Side Is Seen When Showing Off Gifts

While It’s Clear To Everyone That Kai Is The Type To Spoil Those Close To Him, There’s Probably One More Reason He’s Only Cooking For DO, And That’s A Testament To His Sweet Side.

In Kai EXO ‘s latest vlog , EXO-Ls can see what goes on behind the scenes during DO and EXO-L Japan’s Official Book PLANET #16 cooking competition. Their sweet interactions with each other light up the set, and every moment is filled with joy and laughter.

Everyone knows that DO is a fantastic cook, so it’s no surprise that Kai is still working on his cooking, Kyungsoo is done cooking. Laughing off DO’s teasing comments, Kai’s sweetness shines when he tells DO that he will only make DO’s part

“This is just for you. I won’t eat. I like to give. I like to help,” Kai said. While it’s clear to everyone that Kai is the type to spoil those close to him, there’s probably one more reason he’s only cooking for DO, and that’s a testament to his sweet side.

When DO asked if Kai had tasted the dish, Kai sheepishly admitted he had never tried it, then immediately regretted it. In his defense, he followed the recipe strictly, so the lack of seasoning wasn’t his fault. But in his quest to save his dish, Kai goes too far, adding more salt than necessary.

Knowing that the taste of the dishes would be less desirable than DO’s, Kai asked the staff to judge their dishes by the visuals of the dishes. Even though DO couldn’t resist his teasing at Kai’s adorable insistence that his food was more interesting because of the many colors, he also continued with sweet words, saying that Kai’s dish would definitely taste good.

As a last ditch effort to win over the staff, Kai explained that he put his whole heart into the dish and then joked that DO didn’t put much love because he finished too soon. Kai also thinks that DO’s cooking uses a lot of spices, while his cooking uses very little, so it is very pure and natural.

Kai’s cute competitiveness just makes Kyungsoo happy, and all the EXO-Ls watching can’t help but melt at the dynamic of their friendship. When the score came out, Kai’s effort and love helped him get 9/10. The dish tasted much better than expected, and the colorful layers won over the judges as planned.

However, like the results of the cooking competition between EXO members, DO won with a full score of 10/10. Not surprising, considering his cooking prowess. DO’s mischievous side showed when he received his gift where he teased Kai while showing off the gift in his hand.

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