The Writer Talks From The Beginning Of The Title To The Name Of The Character Woo Young Woo In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

According To The Interview, Moon Ji Won Accidentally Came Up With The Name ‘Woo Young Woo’ And Was Offered To Make A 16-Episode Drama Series After The Movie ‘Innocent Witness’.

Recently the writer of the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” revealed why he added the word “extraordinary” to the title. In an interview published on August 5, Moon Ji Won, who created the hit drama series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” shared the story behind the making of the show.

According to the interview, Moon Ji Won accidentally came up with the name “Woo Young Woo”. Moon Ji Won was offered to make a 16-episode drama series after she debuted as a professional screenwriter with the film “Innocent Witness”.

As Moon Ji Woo thought about a new drama series, he said the name “Woo Young Woo” suddenly came to mind. “Every time Young Woo says a sentence about his name as a palindrome, I feel happy because I can clearly remember how I got his name,” he said.

Moon Ji Woo also stated that the word ‘amazing’ describes Woo Young Woo’s character well. “Generally we call unusual, eccentric, inappropriate, genius, quirky, quirky and special people ‘extraordinary’. These extraordinary people often make others nervous or cause trouble, but at the same time, they make our world more interesting and abundant,” he added.

Meanwhile, at the end of his interview, Moon Ji Woo hopes that many fans can take the message from his drama. “I hope viewers can feel the extraordinary power of extraordinary people through ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. This show reflects various stories about diversity. I don’t think the show explicitly sends a message, but if I had to put the show on the main idea the sentence would be ‘respect for compactness,’ he concluded.

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