Theory Brings Strong Evidence, Jung So Min Is Allegedly Arin Oh My Girl’s Sister In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’

Jung So Min Is Suspected To Be The Older Sister Of Arin Oh My Girl After ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Aired The Latest Episode And Explained Things Like This Important Code.

Currently, the tvN drama ” Alchemy of Souls ” has managed to grab attention. This drama stars popular celebrities namely Jung So Min , Lee Jae Wook , Hwang Minhyun , Shin Seung Ho , Yoo In Soo , and Arin Oh My Girl .

“Alchemy of Souls” tells the story of a great magician who ends up trapped in a weak body after performing a soul transfer. He then pretends to be a servant and teaches a man who studies magic after his energy was shut off from infancy.


The development of the story in “Alchemy of Souls” has also succeeded in making fans more curious. Moreover, recently there have been allegations that Mudeok (Jung So Min) is the older brother of Jin Cho Yeon (Arin).

The theory that Mudeok is Jin Cho Yeon’s older brother emerged because he managed to get into Jinyowon without realizing it. Jinyowon was revealed to only be opened by descendants of the Jin family.

Mudeok, who entered Jinyowon and was trapped in the mirror inside, succeeded in making fans confused. Jin Cho Yeon himself only admitted to locking Mudeok in Jinyowon without ever opening it.

“Indeed I closed it, but he (Mudeok) entered by himself,” explained Jin Cho Yeon in episode 7.

Mudeok’s theory is that Jin Cho Yeon’s older brother is further strengthened by the conversation between Jin Mu ( Jo Jae Yun ) and Jin Cho Yeon’s mother, Jin Ho Gyeong ( Park Eun Hye ). It is revealed that Jin Ho Gyeong’s eldest daughter has disappeared, this means that it is Jin Cho Yeon’s older sister.

Fans believe, the soul of Mudeok or Naksu ( Go Youn Jung ) is the first daughter of Jin Ho Gyeong. Moreover, as a child, Naksu spent time in the witch village or Songrim which confirmed that he was a descendant of the Jin family. His ability as a magician also seems to indicate that he has the ability to be passed down from his family.

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