There Is Yuta NCT, This K-Pop Idol Lineup Is Believed To Have Too Much Plastic Surgery

Some K-Pop Idols Are Suspected Of Undergoing Excessive Plastic Surgery So That Their Faces Look Unnatural And Very Different From Their Previous Appearance. Anyone?

The K-Pop industry is filled with idols with eye-catching visuals. However, there are some idols who are suspected of undergoing excessive plastic surgery so that their faces look unnatural. Anyone?

NCT ‘s Yuta is known for his handsome visuals in his own way. However some netizens have commented on his somewhat drastic jaw transformation which they believe is unnecessary.

Yuta’s face is believed to have changed, his appearance was due to a chin implant. Some people think that excessive plastic surgery makes their jaws too long and sharp.

However, despite all this, Yuta was still praised for his good looks. The Japanese idol also has impressive talent as a member of NCT.

Park Bom is probably the most talked about idol when it comes to over-the-top plastic surgery. Early in her career with 2NE1 , Bom was praised for her more natural visuals.

But Park Bom is alleged to have performed a number of different plastic surgeries over the years, including two rhinoplasty, eye, facial reconstruction, and a number of other procedures both on her face and elsewhere.

Fortunately, Park Bom seems to be happy with how she looks now. He didn’t even hesitate to reply to haters who commented negatively on his visuals.

Ex AOA Jimin ‘s plastic surgery rumors surfaced in 2016, when her pre-debut photos were compared to her current visual at the time. Fans were quick to point out her face changing, from a u-shaped jawline to a v.

Since then, Jimin has been the center of many different plastic surgery rumors due to his increasingly changing appearance. From the shape of the eyelids to the shape of his face, the former AOA leader has faced a lot of scrutiny.

Jion has probably had the most obvious and drastic plastic surgery of any K-Pop idol. His pre-debut and post-debut appearances were completely different. Many people think he looks unnatural now.

When debuting with N.Tic in 2018, people were quick to point out that Jion looked more like an animated character than a real person.

This earned Jion a lot of hate, which was exacerbated by the fact that it was her label, JJ Entertainment, that ordered her to get plastic surgery.

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