This Girl Becomes The Discussion Of Netizens Because It Is Considered Very Similar To Karina Aespa

When Visiting His Instagram Account, All His Photos Have Been Deleted Or Archived. But There Is One Instagram Reel Featuring Him, And His Face Can Be Clearly Seen Here.

A netizen may have found the “twin” of Karina aespa who is an Instagram user. However, other netizens seem to doubt his resemblance to the 2000-born singer.

When SM Entertainment released the debut teaser photo for their new girl group, aespa, in October 2020, Karina and Winter were the first members to be revealed. The two girls are highly praised for their charming visuals, and some people claim they are very similar.

Recently, a netizen seems to have found another “twin” of Karina, and this time, she is an Instagram user. In Nate Pann’s now-deleted post entitled “What’s With This Insta Guy? I Think He’s Karina’s Twin,” a netizen shared a screenshot of a user’s Instagram profile.

The netizen wrote, “Does anyone know who she is???? I thought it was non-Korean but does anyone know who she is? She really looks like Karina.” Looking at the photos of the Instagram user, she seems to have the same face shape and eyebrows as Karina aespa.

However, upon visiting his Instagram account, all his photos have been deleted or archived. But there is one Instagram reel featuring him, and his face can be clearly seen here.

In the comments column of Nate Pann’s deleted post, one netizen stated, “She looks like her (Karina) in some photos but some of them don’t look like her at all… I don’t think we can judge based on photos.”

While others say that the Instagram photos are all just edited to make the person look similar to aespa Karina. What do you think about this? In your opinion, do the Instagram users really look like Karina or are the photos just edited?

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