This Is Evidence That Danielle NewJeans Has Often Been On TV Since She Was Little

The Debut Of NewJeans In Early August Has Shocked The Public, Because The Members Of This Girl Group Have Their Own Characteristics That Are Interesting To Know, Including Danielle.

The cute visuals of the NewJeans members recently stole the attention. The reason is, this girl group has members who are still very young so their cute image is very thick.

Considering that this girl group only debuted on August 1, fans are very curious about the members’ childhoods. In an online community, a post about Danielle’s past suddenly became trending.

It was revealed that when she was a child, Danielle appeared as a permanent member in the tvN entertainment program ” Rainbow Kindergarten ” which was broadcast in 2011. For this, netizens did not stop praising Danielle’s beautiful and cute visuals.

“I enjoyed watching Rainbow Kindergarten in the past,” wrote a netizen. “Wow, Rainbow Kindergarten children are big now,” another commented. “Danielle looks the same. She is very sweet on the show,” another commented. “I remember waking up early on Sunday to watch Rainbow Kindergarten,” said another netizen.

Please note that Danielle was born in April 2005. Her father is Australian and her mother is Korean. When she was a child, she worked as a child model in Korea until she was 7 years old.

Danielle has also appeared on shows such as “Rainbow Kindergarten”, “Popopo” and “Shinhwa Broadcasting”. This indicates that actually Danielle has been on TV for a long time before finally debuting as an idol.

This Korean-Australian mixed-blood idol was also discussed because he was considered very suitable to play a Disney movie. Given her visuals that have a distinctive mix, Danielle will get support from fans if she makes her acting debut later.

Meanwhile, on August 1st, Danielle made her idol debut as a member of New Jeans, the rookie girl group HYBE x ADOR produced by former SM creative director Min Hee Jin. NewJeans itself was formed in the Global Plus audition program in 2019.

It is known that auditions were held in 16 cities and lasted until the end of October. At the end of 2019, casting was completed and training started in early 2020 and then in September 2021 the management of the girl group was transferred to ADOR and NewJeans debuted.

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