This is how ‘Doreamon’ ends: an ending that has been talked about for decades

Who hasn’t grown up watching Doraemon almost every day? Who doesn’t know Nobita, Giant, Shizuka or Suneo? The successful Japanese series marked the childhood of many generations throughout its more than 40 years on the air. However, few remember how it ended. There are many theories about this ending, some more controversial than others. But what is the truth in all of them? Does the most beloved cat on television have an end? A subject that has brought many heads and in these lines we put some light.

Before getting into the theories that circulate on the net, we are going to review the character. Doraemon was born from the hand of Fujiko Fujio , pseudonym of the Japanese creators Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko , in a manga published in 1969. Five years later the first anime was created , but it was not until 1979, the year in which the second series, when the cosmic cat became popular all over the world. A fiction that was broadcast until 2005, when the third and last anime was created. In addition, there are many movies, video games and even a musical that have been created around this animated character.

You will remember that the protagonist is a robotic cat that travels from the 22nd century to the present day . There he meets Nobita, a very capricious boy who uses the inventions of his inseparable feline friend to do the wrong things. However, Doraemon is always there to teach him that he has done wrong and that the young man improves.

One of the most widespread television theories of all time is that Nobita was in a coma and that everything was a dream -something similar to Los Serrano- . And on top of that, the most famous cat on television was the protagonist’s imagination. It is not surprising that this supposed ending has had so much controversy surrounding it and that Japanese anime fans criticized it. However, it must be said that this theory is an urban legend. There is no evidence nor does this chapter exist, so viewers can breathe easy.

The second states that one day Nobita finds that Doraemon has stopped working . He travels to the future (where the cosmic cat came from) to find a solution and is offered a new battery for Doraemon, which would be effective but using it would cause him to lose his memory. Nobita does not accept that his friend forgets all the moments they have spent together, so he decides not to accept said solution and returns to his time. Here he becomes a prestigious worker in the field of robotics where he manages to make a chip to restore Doraemon’s memory and thus be able to use the new battery. After many years, both friends reunite. What a nice ending!

The two previous theories, one more tragic than the other, could be perfectly true. However, the reality is very different. Doraemon does not have a final chapter . Yes, as you read. All the final assumptions that they tell you are not true. In fact, the Japanese anime of 2005 is still broadcasting in several countries and Disney Channel obtained the rights for its distribution in the United States in 2014.

But why doesn’t Doraemon have an ending ? The answer is simple: in 1996, after the death of one of its creators (the other had left the project several years before), the manga was suspended without giving a specific outcome to the story . In addition, later they have continued to release reissues, broadcasting anime, premiering movies and other titles from the cosmic cat universe. For this reason, it is logical to think that it does not have an outcome. The history of Nobita and company can be perfectly infinite.

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