This Is How Yoo Jae Seok And Lee Sang Yeop Reacted To Seeing Jessi Keep His Cellphone In His Skirt

Jessi Surprised Everyone In ‘Sixth Sense 3’ When Showing The Unique Place Where She Keeps Her Phone. In The Opening Part Of This TvN Show, Jessi Attracted Attention With Her All-Pink Outfit.

Jessi ( Jessica Ho ‘s) behavior made her co-workers shake their heads. This time, Yoo Jae Seok and Lee Sang Yeop showed serious expressions when they found out where the rapper kept his cell phone with his pocket-less clothes.

Jessi surprised everyone in ” Sixth Sense 3 ” when she showed him the unique place where she kept her phone. In the opening part of the tvN show that aired on June 10, Jessi attracted attention with her all-pink outfit.

Jessi wore a pink long-sleeved top combined with a miniskirt of the same color. Lee Mijoo , who then appeared in a matching pink costume, happily approached Jessi.

Amidst the chaotic atmosphere when Jessi appeared, Lee Sang Yeop suddenly said, “Wait, wait a minute…”, immediately stopping everyone. Lee Sang Yeop said, “Sorry, but your phone…” because he couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

Yoo Jae Seok, who was standing beside him, was also speechless due to the absurd situation. Seeing where the musician kept his cell phone, Lee Sang Yeop looked at Jessi with wide open eyes and couldn’t say anything else.

Wearing a pink miniskirt that day, Jessi seemed to put her cellphone on her stomach because her clothes didn’t have pockets. Jessi explained, “There’s nowhere to put it. I often put it here.”

Without hesitation, Yoo Jae Seok opened the inside pocket of his jacket and said, “I’ll keep it for you”, adding, “Put it in my jacket pocket.” Meanwhile, actor Lee Min Kyu and comedian Kim Ji Min appeared as guests on “Sixth Sense 3” on the same day.

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