This Is The Reason The Average Idol Group Only Promotes For Two Weeks On Music Shows

Following VIVIZ’s Confession, Many Netizens Have Also Highlighted That K-Pop Groups Also Need To Pay For Stage Outfits And Makeup, Which Can Cost A Lot Of Money.

Many fans may feel sad because K-pop artists are now only promoting for 2 weeks. However, there is a reason behind this. This was revealed by three VIVIZ members recently in one of their latest broadcast programs.

On July 21, VIVIZ appeared on the TV program ” Yongjin’s Health Center ” to promote their new mini album, “Summer Vibe”. Here, the host asked them how long their promotion period would last, to which VIVIZ answered, “2 weeks”, while explaining the reason for such a short period.

In particular, MC Lee Yong Jin asked VIVIZ why they only promoted for 2 weeks. Answering the question, Eunha admitted honestly, “Because it costs a lot.”

SinB then added that stage outfits for musical performances are very expensive, while Eunha joked that she almost thought of wearing the same outfit instead of spending so much for a few minutes on stage.

Following VIVIZ’s confession, many netizens have also highlighted that K-pop groups also need to pay for stage outfits and makeup, which can cost a lot of money. Pre-recording for Korean music shows also starts early in the morning or even at midnight, which is very detrimental to the health of most K-pop idols.

Therefore, only rookie artists will promote for a long time to make their name known, while more established groups will limit their promotion period, and focus instead on self-produced content, variety show appearances, or evenings.

However, many also expressed regret that they were only able to see their favorite idols for a short time. Some also point out that the promotion period has been shortened, from 1-2 months in the previous generation, to just a few weeks now.

In the past, fans could enjoy multiple performances in all kinds of pretty outfits, or even a “special stage” if a group got a “triple crown” (winning for 3 consecutive weeks at one music show). This is becoming very rare in this day and age, with most idols not even surviving 3 weeks, let alone winning.

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