This Is The Staff’s Assessment Of BTS Member Images Before And After Meeting

BTS Has Always Succeeded In Stealing Attention, Whether It’s The Latest Music Works Or The Style Of Dress To The Attitude Of The Members Who Haven’t Changed Since The Beginning Of Their Debut Until They Are Famous Everywhere.

A staff member (later called A) recently shared his experience working with Bangtan Boys members . It is known that staff A has worked with BTS before and after the boy group became famous worldwide.

On Tuesday (23/8), staff A continued to share what he felt about each member with attractive visual images . Staff A also compared the members before meeting and after meeting in person. Starting from RM ( Rap Monster ).

Before meeting him, he seemed smart. After meeting him, he was more charismatic than I thought and was filled with confidence. He went through filming without hesitation in one go! He gave energy to the members as well by saying, ‘Let’s be more energetic! ‘ He also seems free-spirited and doesn’t seem to care what other people think.”

For Jimin BTS , staff A wrote that Jimin is very very kind. “Before meeting, looked good. After meeting, he was good, good, good, good, good, good. Has a good and good reaction. Good. Good. Good. His kindness tore his kindness. His smile is handsome,” wrote staff A later.

Before meeting, seemed like a super insider. After meeting, he was smart and had a good personality but the reason he seemed a bit sad? Was it because he seemed like a soft-hearted person. If I had to choose one person to befriend him, I would like to become his friend,” said staff A describing the figure of J-Hope .

On knowing Suga , he wrote, “Before meeting: seemed cold and seemed like he would be tense too. After meeting, he was really nice and seemed very gentle. Suga didn’t even complain that he was the last person filming. Suga didn’t seem energetic so I thought he might be in a bad mood but when it was time to shoot his scene, he was very excited. His personality can be read after shooting 10 times.”

Staff A also revealed about Jungkook . Before meeting Jungkook, according to staff A was a popular figure among girls. However, when we met in person, it turned out that Jungkook was a very gentle, cute person and maybe because he was the youngest member.

“He bowed 90 degrees to staff members before leaving. Jungkook seemed like a very polite person and someone who cares about others well. He is a member who is the most different from what I thought before,” said staff A.

When discussing Jin , staff A initially thought that the oldest member of BTS was serious and cold. In fact, after meeting Jin, he is a handsome and hardworking person. Jin also has a funny personality and is a bit clumsy. According to staff A, Jin is a different person from what he thinks.

And the last one is V where staff A thought before meeting that he was a cold and tense idol. “He is too handsome. He is not human. He is more shy? He is not scary at all and will look relaxed. He is handsome up close,” said staff A when meeting the members.

No doubt the members of BTS are always judged by the public as having a warm attitude. How not, they sincerely and as it is have a good attitude towards anyone.

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