This Is What V Confirmed Through His Post After BTS Announced A Hiatus As A Group

After An Emotional Dinner Where The Members Reflected On The Past And Planned For The Future, V Took To Weverse To Write A Heartfelt And Sentimental Letter To ARMY.

During the 2022 FESTA Dinner, the members of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) announced their group hiatus and honestly discussed all kinds of topics regarding their new era as a group. In connection with this, V uploaded a post containing a message for ARMY (BTS fans).

After releasing their anthology album “Proof”, BTS plans to venture into their second chapter together. This includes plans for each member to carry out solo activities, which means less group activities.

After an emotional dinner where the members reflected on the past and planned for the future, V took to Weverse to write a heartfelt and sentimental letter to ARMY about the group’s decision.

“We are happy. Although the seven of us are different in what we like and don’t like, along with our personalities, our thoughts about ARMY are the same and that’s why we do ‘RUN! BTS’,” wrote the singer of “Permission to Dance”.

V shared that during the journey of BTS’s first chapter, there were both happy and difficult times for him. “Over the last ten years, I was afraid because I always had to go up, and always had to give myself up for the team, and behind that happiness there were always tiring and difficult moments,” he continued.

The decision ultimately came from BTS’s desire to strengthen themselves as individuals and improve BTS as a group in the long term. V also confirmed that this is not the end for BTS and that they will always be connected with fans.

We took our first healthy step to continue being BTS for a long time and I believe that ARMY will also like this side of us. ARMY and BTS will not break up because we are connected by a purple thread. I hope we will meet for a long time so our color deepens. We love ARMY very much,” said V.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently busy with promotional activities for the album “Proof,” one of which is by appearing on music shows. This is BTS’ first comeback on a music show in two years since they released “ON” in early 2020.

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