This YouTuber Reveals Speculation That Jessica ‘Bright’ Novel Will Reveal The True Story Of Her Departure From SNSD

This Is Because The Main Protagonist In Jessica’s Novel ‘Bright’, Rachel Kim, Faces Conflict With Girls Forever Members Because She Wants To Continue Her Fashion Business.

Controversial YouTuber Lee Jin Ho recently re-uploaded a video which of course raised a question mark. This time, Lee Jin Ho brought speculations about Jessica’s new book “Bright” which will be released soon and what is really going on inside her former group Girls’ Generation .

Lee Jin Ho, who is a former entertainment reporter and now a YouTuber, often discusses the latest hot topics in the entertainment industry. YouTuber Lee Jin Ho explains in his latest video that many people believe Jessica’s book is based on her experiences with Girls’ Generation.

This is because the main protagonist, Rachel Kim, faces conflict with Girls Forever members because she wants to continue her fashion business. In the book, the members of Girls Forever protest that they don’t want to go to LA concerts with Rachel if they decide to continue with her fashion business, and the book contains content where Rachel is ostracized by the members.

With the contents of the book being covered by Lee Jin Ho, many have speculated that the book is about Jessica’s side of the true story between Jessica and the Girls’ Generation members. “Girls’ Generation members haven’t talked about Jessica for the past 9 years, but Jessica continues to write about Girls’ Generation (in the book) and is one of the reasons Jessica’s Korean fans have turned their backs on them,” he said.

While this topic was discussed when Jessica first announced that she would be publishing a novel but it has been re-discovered with Jessica’s re-debut with the Chinese girl group from the survival program “Sisters Who Make Waves” season 3 and Girls’ Generation is making a comeback for their anniversary. 15th.

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