Thought To Be Short, NCT’s Shotaro’s Original Height Is Shocking Not Playing In A New Photo Shoot With Yuta

Fans Were Shocked By The Real Height Of NCT’s Shotaro In A New Photo Shoot With Yuta In One Of Japan’s Leading Magazines.

The height of K-Pop idols is indeed sometimes the talk of a lot of fans. Especially if the idol turns out to have a height that is far from estimated.

This time, it’s Shotaro NCT who is again the talk of fans because of his real height. Shotaro’s height is still considered “mysterious” among fans.

Not a few suspect that Shotaro is the shortest member of NCT. However, this turned out not to be in accordance with reality.

Shotaro’s new photo shoot with Yuta with Japanese magazine Men’s Non No seems to be a new “proof” of his height. In one pose, it is clear that Shotaro is taller than Yuta.

Yuta is known to have a height of 176 cm. So, Shotaro is definitely taller than Yuta. This means that Shotaro already has the average height of a Japanese or South Korean. Japanese people are revealed to have an average height of 170.8 cm and South Koreans around 174.9 cm.

Fans themselves revealed that Shotaro looks shorter because he is always with Sungchan . Sungchan is indeed the tallest NCT member with 185 cm.

” Our Sara views shotaro very differently, because he’s much taller than we thought, ” one fan wrote on Twitter . ” This is because he is always with the Sungchan tree, ” said another. ” It’s just that we see him often with Sungchan, ” said another. ” The legs are even long, ” explained another.

The new portrait with Doyoung and Jungwoo after the content “THE NCT SHOW” was released some time ago also shows that Shotaro is actually not short. Shotaro is seen to have a height not far from Doyoung who is 178 cm.

Meanwhile, Shotaro’s bio on the internet revealed that the handsome idol has a height of 178 cm. However, until now his height is still a mystery considering that Doyoung looks shorter than Doyoung, who is 178.

Approximately how tall is NCT’s Shotaro?

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