Too Handsome Effect, Lee Jin Wook Becomes A ‘Bully’ At Andy Shinhwa’s Wedding

Exactly On June 12, Andy Shinhwa Married Announcer Lee Eun Joo And The Wedding Went Smoothly With Many Celebrities Including Lee Jin Wook Who Is Her Long-Time Partner In Attendance.

Having an attractive face is a plus when you are everywhere. The good looking factor also seems to help some things do whatever they want. And this seems to be experienced by the main actor ” Bulgasal “.

Surprisingly, the figure of Lee Jin Wook in Andy Lee Shinhwa ‘s marriage to his wife Lee Eun Joo has a pretty big influence. Apparently, this one actor became a “bully” at the Shinhwa member’s wedding.

Recently, Andy’s wedding which took place on June 12 had a myriad of unique stories. Including the presence of Shinhwa members on the show and the song “Perfect Man”.

In the SBS entertainment program ” Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 ” broadcast on July 4, Andy and announcer Lee Eun Joo’s wedding atmosphere was shown. On the wedding day, a row of celebrities also enlivened the wedding ceremony.

It is known that S.ES’s Bada , So Yu Jin , singer Hong Seok Chun , Baek Jong Won , Kim Kwang Kyu and Lee Jin Wook were present at the event. Then his group mates including Eric Mun , Kim Dong Wan , Lee Min Woo , and Junjin also attended the event. Even Shin Hye Sung who was reportedly absent from Andy’s wedding was also caught on SBS cameras attending the event.

What’s interesting is how Lee Jin Wook made the wedding atmosphere suddenly highlight his presence. As is known, Lee Jin Wook and Andy have been friends for more than 10 years.

Every time Lee Jin Wook was caught on camera, the hosts couldn’t concentrate on the others because of the actor’s good looks. This is because the visual is not covered by a mask so that the public can freely watch Lee Jin Wook with his stunning appearance.

Whenever Lee Jin Wook appeared during the wedding scene, Lee Ji Hye admired, “Lee Jin Wook is so handsome,” and Lee Hyun Yi also clapped, saying, “This is the image I catch whenever he is around.”

The commotion of the event continued to be a joke among the special MCs. Singer Hong Kyung Min called Hong Suk Chun worthy of admiration as well. “Was Hong Suk Chun ignored once in three times?” Kim Gura said, “Hong Suk Chun stood on the wall and went to organize his thoughts.”

After that, Andy’s surprise celebration event was released and Lee Jin Wook was caught on camera capturing the hearts of the women at the event. “He appeared again,” said Lee Hyun Yi. “I watched it well. The ranking will continue to rise,” said Lee Ji Hye. So it’s no wonder that Lee Jin Wook’s visual “disturbed” the MCs who were watching the atmosphere of Andy Shinhwa’s wedding.

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