Too Realistic, Seo Hyun Jin’s Acting Duality In ‘Why Her’ Reaps Exorbitant Praise

Recently, An Official In The Entertainment Industry Highlighted Seo Hyun Jin’s Acting Ability In The SBS Drama ‘Why Her’. Check Out The Full Review In The News Below.

Seo Hyun Jin ‘s appearance in the SBS drama ” Why Her ” has been in the spotlight of many parties. She is appreciated for showing outstanding acting as a woman with a strong personality.

“Why Her” is a legal drama that focuses on a star lawyer named Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin). He becomes a cold figure who only pursues success after being betrayed by his superiors very painfully.

Oh Soo Jae is a character who looks cold even though he actually has many wounds in his heart. Seo Hyun Jin managed to subtly maximize Oh Soo Jae’s three-dimensional charm by expressing different sides of his complicated character. This meant he had to portray Oh Soo Jae wearing a “mask” to survive in a very different way.

Oh Soo Jae’s image varies quite a bit depending on the time and place. In the past, he was so naive that he was tricked by Choi Tae Guk ( Heo Joon Ho ) and Choi Joo Wan ( Ji Seung Hyun ). But now she has changed from a weak girl to a woman with a strong character and personality who can make other people afraid.

Oh Soo Jae does appear perfect in front of many people, but he returns to being himself when he is alone at home. Gong Chan ( Hwang In Yeop ) is the only person who knows the most ordinary side of him.

Some viewers said, “Gong Chan’s position in the drama is too weak to be Oh Soo Jae’s romantic partner”. But he seemed to be the only person she could rely on without having to worry.

In the end, Oh Soo Jae is a character who has many aspects that are easy to understand with Seo Hyun Jin’s outstanding performance. His normally high pitched voice can be very gentle while playing Oh Soo Jae.

In addition, the fierce look in his eyes can turn very warm at different times. With the depiction that goes back and forth between cold and warm, Seo Hyun Jin is praised for being able to express his character’s emotions very subtly.

On Tuesday (28/6), a broadcasting official told Sports Seoul , “Seo Hyun Jin added fun by portraying the character alternating between ‘sweet and salty’ depending on the situation with his great acting.”

He firmly holds the center of the drama and creates synergy with all the characters. I feel like he managed to bring everyone together. Dieting is also a smart choice. Whenever I see his thin face, I can feel his professionalism as well as approach Oh Soo Jae’s pain with ease. more desperate,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Why Her” has continued to record high ratings since its broadcast on June 3. The latest episode even recorded a nationwide rating with an average of 9.2 percent.

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