TWICE Fans Ask For ‘Talk That Talk’ Promotion Period To Be Extended

TWICE Fans Are Now Asking JYP Entertainment To Extend The Promotion Period For ‘Talk That Talk’ After They Learned About The News About TWICE’s Jihyo Being Exposed To COVID-19.

ONCE, as TWICE fans are called, asked JYP Entertainment to extend the promotion period of “Talk That Talk”. This followed the announcement that the leader, TWICE ‘s Jihyo , had tested positive for COVID-19 and had to undergo isolation.

The agency announced that Jihyo was exposed to COVID-19 on Wednesday (24/8), only 2 days before TWICE’s comeback. This means that Jhyo will not be able to perform with his colleagues.

After seeing the news, ONCE is now asking JYP Entertainment to extend promotions for “Talk That Talk.” According to fans, Jihyo is an important part of TWICE because she is the main vocalist and leader. They added that his presence on stage was a big boost in TWICE’s performance.

In addition, fans are also sad that Jihyo can’t meet ONCE in person because of her current condition. In fact, all TWICE members were very excited to perform. Unfortunately, Jihyo now of course cannot participate in the group’s first week comeback promotions.

In addition to the official announcement from JYP, Jihyo also wrote a touching message for fans on Bubble. Jihyo also apologized to fans because she couldn’t take care of herself and she should have been more careful because of the virus.

ONCEs, you must be really looking forward to this comeback. I’m very upset because it seems I have deflated your spirit. I am so sorry. I should have been more careful but I couldn’t, so I’m very sorry for causing inconvenience to the members and ONCE,” concluded Jihyo on Bubble for fans.

TWICE is known to be releasing the new mini album “BETWEEN 1&2” at 1:00 pm KST August 26. The title song “Talk That Talk” harmonizes with catchy beats and addictive melody with the beautiful message, “Tell me everything that’s in your heart!”

Composer Lee Woo-min, also known as collapseone, who composed TWICE’s hit songs “KNOCK KNOCK” and “The Feels,” is also responsible for composing and producing the new song. Meanwhile, a team of famous K-pop lyricists, Danke, wrote the lyrics and got it done. Jihyo participated as the sole lyricist for the b-side song along with members Dahyun and Chaeyoung.

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