TWICE’s Comeback Photoshoot Makes You Shock Because You Carry An Adult Concept

TWICE’s Comeback This Time Was Quite Special For Tzuyu Cs. This Is Because This Is Their First Comeback After All The Members Have Signed A Contract Extension With JYP.

TWICE is currently preparing for their 11th mini album comeback titled “BETWEEN 1&2”. This girl group fronted by Jihyo cs has released a series of photo and video teasers that show their stunning visuals.

The latest teaser shows the TWICE members changing like agents with a fairly mature concept. Their appearance is completely different from the innocent and cheerful image that is often shown in previous comebacks.

TWICE’s latest photo shoot was busy reaping shocking comments from South Korean netizens. In particular, they highlighted the revealing outfits worn by Mina Myoui and Chaeyoung which were compact showing the abdomen.

“Hul, I’m amazed by Mina and Chaeyoung’s clothes,” wrote a netizen. “I saw their clothes,” added another. “To be honest, I was quite shocked by their outfits, but they’re all grown up, this is normal right?” added another netizen.

“Wow, that’s a sexy concept. I was surprised by Mina’s clothes,” said another. “Mina and Chaeyoung surprised me, it’s a really mature concept,” continued another. “Why are you so conservative with TWICE? Mina and Chaeyoung are crazy, they are very beautiful,” concluded another.

On the other hand, TWICE’s comeback this time was quite special for Tzuyu cs. This is because this is their first comeback after all the members have signed a contract extension with JYP Entertainment.

TWICE members are also credited in four comeback songs this time. Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for “Basics” and Dahyun wrote the lyrics for “Gone” and “When We Were Kids”. Meanwhile, Jihyo also released “Trouble”, which is also listed as a co-composer.

Meanwhile, TWICE will make a comeback on August 26. It is not yet known whether after their comeback they will hold a concert tour like other groups considering the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to sway in various worlds.

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