TWICE’s Dahyun Has A New Hobby Of Painting, Get These Benefits

TWICE’s Dahyun Cheerfully Revealed That She Was Immersed In Her New Hobby, Namely Painting, Where This Activity Made Her Look Away.

So far, TWICE ‘s Dahyun has often focused on her musical activities. So don’t be surprised if at this time Dahyun has a new hobby that can fill her days.

In the August 26 episode of the show ” Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant “, Dahyun revealed that she now likes painting. Recently, Dahyun became a guest MC at the event.

Dahyun also revealed her new hobby on this show. When Kim Gyuri appeared as a new chef, he shared stories about his career as a painter. He then said shyly that he had learned to paint and had benefited from it. According to him, painting can shift his focus.

“I’ve been learning to paint for a while. Drawing flowers with acrylic, for example. When I draw, I can forget other thoughts and just focus on painting,” said Dahyun.

“Paint flowers with acrylic. It’s nice to be able to forget other thoughts while drawing and just focus on painting,” continued Dahyun later.

Not only discussing his hobbies, in the “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” program, Dahyun also discussed TWICE’s latest comeback “Between 1 & 2”. Dahyun herself leaked the point choreography where she cutely pinched her fingers and then straightened them before the music video was released.

“The title of our new song is ‘Talk that Talk’,” said Dahyun. When the cast of “Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” imitated the choreography, they easily learned from Dahyun’s moves.

Among the cast, Han Ji Hye managed to capture the choreographic characteristics of this point and follow it in a refreshing way. Seeing this, MC Boom praised Han Ji Hye so that she was embarrassed. “You feel like an idol,” said MC Boom which made Han Ji Hye feel embarrassed.

Meanwhile, “BETWEEN 1&2” is their first full-length comeback album this year. The entire album is filled with meaningful elements between TWICE and ONCE and conveys the group’s special love to fans.

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