TWICE’s Jihyo Perfect Figure Makes Speechless, Take A Peek At 8 Portraits Of Her Body Goals

TWICE’s Jihyo Again Made The Public Speechless With Her Body Figure Because She Was Called More Perfect On Her Personal Instagram Account. Here Are A Series Of Portraits Of His Body Goals.

TWICE ‘s Jihyo is again making the public speechless with some new photos on Instagram. The idol harvests praise after showing off her sexy and glamorous figure. This started when Jihyo shared several photos on her personal Instagram on July 15 yesterday. The photos were allegedly captured by Jihyo when she was filming the music video for TWICE’s Japanese song “Celebrate”.

Jihyo looked impressive in an elegant black crop top . Meanwhile, he exudes a glamorous aura and a sexy vibe with a voluminous body. Jihyo’s appearance has succeeded in making the public jealous of her perfect body figure .

Moreover, Jihyo has a beautiful collarbone as well as straight shoulders and a small waist with no fat on the stomach. Not to mention Jihyo has a small face, a sharp nose, and a sharp jaw.

Kang Daniel ‘s ex-girlfriend is increasingly being praised for standing out because of her physical form. What’s more, Jihyo is always excited when on stage as if she never runs out of energy. With a fit body, here are a series of portraits of Jihyo whose body goals are over .

1. Golden Voice

The owner of the full name Park Ji Hyo is indeed the main vocalist in TWICE. He even contributed his golden voice to fill the OST of the drama ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One ” with the song ” Stardust Love Song “.

In addition, k-netz praised Jihyo’s charismatic, warm, and powerful vocals . Jihyo managed to impress listeners with her charming, emotional, and memorable voice. In addition, Jihyo’s voice and breath control when singing high notes live is considered stable.

2. The Social Butterfly

The 25-year-old idol is also known as a social butterfly . One of the reasons is because Jihyo had a trainee period of almost a decade. He is even still friends with EXID ‘s Junghwa who was his former training partner. Jihyo is also close friends with Kim Sejeong .

Not only that, Jihyo has a gang with idols her age. He had created a public commotion for sharing moments of togetherness with Mina Myoui , Lisa Black Pink , and Minnie (G)I-DLE . Jihyo is also reportedly friends with SEVENTEEN’s DK (II) .

3. Perfectly Beautiful

Jihyo’s visuals are also one of the attractions. The singer of the song “Feel Special” was even mistaken for a mulatto because he has beautiful wide eyes. Meanwhile, Jihyo has become a hot topic in K-Pop when she wears a bob hairstyle and darkens her skin.

4. Break Korean Beauty Standards

Jihyo admitted that she had given up on a strict diet for a thin body. The reason, he likes to make money to buy delicious food and enjoy it with friends. So she ignores Korean beauty standards. Jihyo’s decision yielded sweet results for successfully breaking the standard of beauty. He is praised for having a toned and muscular body .

5. The Figure Of A Hard Worker

This Aquarius celebrity had a dilemma with his life as a trainee . Jihyo did spend her youth practicing singing and dancing. This made him want to spend more time with his friends. Even so, Jihyo’s hard work paid off admirably. He became one of the leading K-Pop idols.

6. Ideal Leader

The singer of the song “Likey” is an ideal leader figure. That’s because Jihyo made the members’ own knitted scarves as a form of her affection for TWICE. Jihyo is known to knit the scarf in her spare time, especially when she is in the waiting room.

7. Be Noble

In 2017, Jihyo held a donation event to help children in need. He is said to have managed to collect donations of 5.53 million Won or the equivalent of Rp. 65 million. The donation was donated to ChildFund Korea on behalf of Jihyo.

8. Good At Writing Songs

Jihyo’s ability in the field of art is indeed a topcer. He seems to be quite active in participating in writing TWICE’s song lyrics. Jihyo’s name is also listed as a songwriter in TWICE’s Japanese song “Celebrate”. he also composed the song “Cactus”.

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