TWICE’s Nayeon Releases ‘Pop’ Solo Debut MV Teaser, Concept And Song Reaping This Reaction

Released Teaser Music Video ‘POP!’ This Is Also A Topic Of Conversation Among Netizens On The Theqoo Community Site. Most Of Them Gave A Warm Response.

Nayeon is ready to become the first member of TWICE to debut as a soloist by releasing a solo mini album titled “IM NAYEON.” Recently, JYP Entertainment shared the first teaser for “POP!” which is Nayeon’s debut song.

The scenes featured in the MV teaser “POP!” it gives off a bright and cheerful vibe that is perfect for summer. The inserted music also seems to show that this song will be an updated dance song that will make the listeners automatically excited.

Released teaser music video “POP!” This is also a topic of discussion for netizens on the Theqoo community site. Most of them gave a warm response, saying that the concept and song are suitable for summer as well as for Nayeon.

“Crazy, Nayeon fits the bright and fresh concept the most,” commented netizens. “This is a very perfect concept and song,” said another netizen. “His smile is very refreshing. The concept is perfect,” said another.

“As a female idol fan, I envy the concept,” said netizens. “This is really summer, refreshing, and very suitable for Nayeon,” another commented. “He was born to be an idol… The concept suits him very well,” added another.

The mini album “IM NAYEON” is scheduled to be released on June 24 at 1 p.m. KST. Fans are given one month to pre-order, starting on May 24, so there’s still more than a week left to increase Nayeon’s album pre-order sales.

Meanwhile, Nayeon has proven herself to be a strong female soloist. As the first member of TWICE to make a solo debut after 7 years, Nayeon’s debut album is receiving high anticipation and great support from fans and the public.

According to the latest update, Nayeon’s first solo album “IM NAYEON” has officially surpassed 68,100 pre-orders on Ktown4u, setting a new record for female K-pop solo artists in 2022. With this impressive number, “IM NAYEON” is expected to reach 100,000 pre-order sales on Ktown4u on June 24.

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