TXT’s Beomgyu Gets A New Nickname Because Of His Food Biting Habits

The Idol Born In 2001 Has Stolen The Attention Of Fans Because Of His Habit Of Biting Every Food And Snack With Very Small And Small Portions.

Having eating habits, especially for someone can’t be the same as someone else. However, when it comes to eating portions , TXT ‘s Beomgyu method is enviable.

On Monday (15/8), a netizen took to an online community forum discussing how Beomgyu has a habit of eating very small portions. Because of this, Beomgyu’s habit of eating small portions makes fans jealous.

“If I eat like Beomgyu, I will be very skinny, ” said the fan who started the statement. Simultaneously, the fan included several photos showing Beomgyu’s tiny bite every time he eats.

One of them was when Beomgyu was munching on a popular biscuit snack called Kancho. The snack is in the form of round and small biscuits and is known as a one-bite snack. However, Beomgyu was seen eating one Kancho biscuit in 6 bites which surprised many netizens.

It means that Beomgyu has a small bite. Therefore, Beomgyu has a small bite, and the portion is equally small.

“Beomgyu’s bite is indeed small, but the portion is also very small. This is the amount of chicken left after Beomgyu did the V Live mukbang with Taehyun. Is this even mukbang? Loll, ” said the netizen.

“Beomgyu’s birthday live, the broadcast I remember after seeing Beomgyu’s bite size on live yesterday. That’s the amount Beomgyu ate. That’s the amount that Soobin ate after visiting the live broadcast session,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, the fan dubbed Beomgyu as the first idol in the world to eat Kancho snack in 6 bites. For this upload, other fans flocked to give the same response.

“Wow, looks like the size of a squirrel bite,” commented the fan. “Why is he so cute that he eats little by little?” other fan comments. “Total servings of Beomgyu = my bite size,” said another fan. “Seeing how tall he is even though the portion is small, I realized that height is something he was born with,” wrote another.

“The bite cake is so cute LOL,” another commented. “Beomgyu eats very little. He is also very thin,” wrote another. “He eats less than the model,” said another fan. “He chewed one bite of chicken cheese powder 26 times,” said another fan.

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