V BTS Reveals Difficulty Filming ‘Hwarang’, Praises Park Seo Joon’s Kindness

‘Hwarang’ Is V’s Drama Debut And It Was Performed At The Same Time As BTS’ Concert. V Who Still ‘Doesn’t Understand’ About Acting And Is Confused About Expressing His Emotions In The Drama.

V reminisced about his acting debut in the drama through ” Hwarang: The Beginning “. In the latest episode of the program ” In The Soop: Friendcation “, the BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) member revealed the difficulties he felt on the set.

In the last episode of “In The Soop: Friendcation”, V praised Park Seo Joon for all the help the man gave on the set of “Hwarang: The Beginning”. The guy who was born in 1995 said he was quite nervous.

The reason is “Hwarang: The Beginning” is his drama debut and it was carried out at the same time as the BTS concert. V who still “doesn’t understand” about acting and is wondering how to express his emotions through his lines.

V finally met Park Seo Joon who was more experienced and became the main character of “Hwarang: The Beginning”. Not only giving small advice, Park Seo Joon explained in detail, trying hard to help the young idol.

“Because it was the first time, I felt really lost. When I told him that, he helped me find the right emotions for each scene and recorded it all in a voice memo,” said V.

Unexpectedly, Park Seo Joon apparently also thanked V. The star of the drama ” Itaewon Class ” then revealed why he was so hard at trying to help V who asked him for help with acting.

“What I’m grateful for for V is that he knows that he has flaws, so he keeps asking me. I’ve never met such a person and can really feel that he wants to do a good job, so I just want to help him,” said Park. Seo Joon.

Meanwhile, V and Park Seo Joon and Hyungsik became friends when they starred in “Hwarang: The Beginning”. Park Seo Joon is like a bridge because he has also been friends with Peakbo and [c=Choi Woo Shik] . The five friends formed the Wooga gang and they are still very close friends.

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