V BTS’s Shy Attitude At The Airport Is Upside Down At The Price Of A Brave Airport Fashion

V BTS Is Known To Stroll To Los Angeles, United States To Attend His Personal Schedule Today, Wednesday (24/8). The Media Praised His Humble Attitude At The Airport.

Wednesday, August 24, V Bangtan Boys appeared at Incheon International Airport. It is known because he will be heading to Los Angeles, United States to attend his solo event.

V himself appeared in an “earth boy” style at this airport fashion . It looks casual which is suitable for summer.

The handsome idol born in 1995 appeared in a long brown striped collared shirt. V combines with milk chocolate color fabric pants. V completed the look with a large handbag.

The price of V airport fashion this time was again gaping. The shirt he is wearing is a collection of Wales Bonner brand “Sonic striped polo shirt” for 370 dollars or 5.5 million rupiah. The bag that V brought was a Delvaux “Brilliant L ‘XXL’ collection for 10.3 thousand dollars or 153 million rupiah.

The fantastic and bold prices of this airport V fashion seem to be a reversal of his attitude at the airport. Korean media revealed that V was very shy while at the airport because he received praise from the media crew.

The media crew themselves seem to have captured V’s moment since getting out of the car. They can be heard calling for praise and flattering V’s handsome visuals. In the video, the media crew can hear “Taeyong-ssi” , “gosh”, or “handsome” sounds.

V himself was seen waving his hand to greet the media crew. He continued to give several poses for the media crew who had been waiting for him.

The actor in the drama “Hwarang” also continues to greet the media crew to the extent that it cannot be followed. He also seemed to bow his head several times to show his politeness.

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