V BTS’s Struggle Gives A Surprise To Make J-Hope’s Dream Come True

J-Hope Has Become A Member Of BTS Who Is Considered To Have Closeness Like His Own Brother By V, So He Tries To Make His Colleague Happy Without Half-Heartedness.

The friendship relationship between J-Hope and V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) is like siblings. How not, they both show sweet interactions at every moment that makes V like having an older brother of his own.

You could say, V and J-Hope are examples of celebrities who are like brothers and sisters themselves. This is evidenced by several moments where sometimes J-Hope, the older brother teases his sister. And often, J-Hope provides and sets the ground rules against V.

Regardless of how firm J-Hope is as an older brother, V still wants to see his brother happy and tries to make what he wants. Like when J-Hope said he’d never seen a flamingo and V tried to make it happen.

Because he wanted to make J-Hope happy, V wanted to try his luck by getting a flamingo doll for J-Hope through a shooting game. And this is where the fact is revealed where V spent a lot of money to get J-Hope’s dream doll.

On his first try, V seemed unable to reach the target of thirty points. After trying several times and spending almost all of his money, V finally managed to win a flamingo doll for J-Hope.

Witnessing this moment, V seemed to be trying to give an image to his brother by giving him a flamingo doll even though it was not a real animal. However, his struggle to get the doll is commendable.

And it’s true, when V gave his gift to J-Hope, his group mate couldn’t hide the expression that he was very impressed with the flamingo doll. It was only revealed that V, who looked proud to get the doll, had painstakingly spent 20 euros or around Rp. 303 thousand. Regardless, V managed to make J-Hope happy.

Meanwhile, this old moment is proof that V never stops supporting J-Hope and vice versa. Considering that J-Hope is now the first BTS member to go solo, V also made a cameo appearance in J-Hope’s music video “MORE” which was released in early July.

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